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Eureka Springs was founded in l874 and remains rich in history.There are many things to see and do all year around.

Beaver Lake

Beaver Lake is located just outside of Eureka Springs and offers outdoor fun for all ages.

Anyone ever mine for diamonds? No? Well neither have I. We are almost to Crater of Diamonds State Park. Let's stop and try our luck. Besides this will be a good chance to rest and stretch our legs.

Crater of Diamonds
State Park

The park is located just south of Murphreesboro. Diamonds were first discovered there in 1906. Over 70,000 have been found including the 40.23-carat "Uncle Sam"--the largest diamond ever unearthed in the United States, the 16.37-carat "Amarillo Starlight," and the 15.33-carat "Star of Arkansas." Since Crater became a park in 1972, over 22,000 diamonds have been carried home by visitors. Amethyst, garnet, jasper, agate, quartz and more can also be found. They will even rent us some digging tools and if any of us are lucky enough to find a diamond it will be certified with a certificate. Who knows we may be able to pay for our trip.

This looks like fun

The Great Passion Play

Two thousand years ago, mankind witnessed the most important Biblical event of all time. Now, we can see the incredible story of the man who changed the world forever in this two-hour epic performance of the greatest story ever told. Set in a 4,100-seat outdoor amphitheater in the beautiful Ozarks, The Great Passion Play has been enjoyed by more than six million people throughout more than 30 years of performances.

William Jefferson Clinton

Bill Clinton was born on August 19, 1946, in Hope, Arkansas. His given name was William Jefferson Blythe IV. He never knew his father, William Jefferson Blythe III, a traveling salesman who died in a car accident several months before Bill was born. After Bill became president, he and his mother learned that his father had been married at least three other times and that Bill had a half brother and half sister whom he had never met. Bill took the name William Jefferson Clinton after his mother remarried.

Fort Chaffee

Built in 1941, this 72,000-acre military base was the training site for thousands of troops heading overseas during World War II, and in 1958 Elvis Presley was inducted into the U.S. army and began basic training here. In recent years it served as an annual reserve training center and on separate occasions a temporary holding facility for Vietnamese and then Cuban refugees. It was also the location for the filming of the movies "Biloxi Blues," and "A Soldier's Story." In season, a hunter's and fisherman's paradise. Several memorial plaques honor World War II units formed here.

These are some very nice words to read during these troubled times

Enduring Freedom

Torn from a world of tyrants they sailed from the British sea, to form a new dominion in the land of sweet liberty.

From out of the Magna Carta independence was ordained, establishing thirteen colonies thru blood, sweat, tears and pain.

The patriotic emblems - our flag, red, white and blue, and Liberty Bell still rings out that freedom for me and you.

Imagine the tears that would flow from the eyes of a people so free, if this great land of ours was taken by the hands of tyranny.

Please, don't take our freedom so lightly, it was paid with a mighty high cost, people must stand united or a nation divided is lost.

Is your freedom so precious, a cause worth fighting for? Then stand and say, may our great U.S.A. be free forever more!

By Pat I. Hill

This brings us to the end of our tour of Arkansas by your tourguide Gary. Bev is beautiful from her visit to Hot Springs and Marcy is full of ribs. Thank you a lot for coming along.