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"My Second Favorite City In Texas"

The Riverwalk

San Antonio is a wonderful town with many interesting and fun things to do. The jewel of the city is the Riverwalk. After the Alamo, it's the most visited attraction in the State. You will love it!

Fiesta Texas

Hang on to your Stetson!

Fiesta Texas began as as an Opryland inspired show park. Now, Six Flags has pumped up the thrill quotient while retaining some of the theme of the art, culture, and music of Texas.There is plenty of food, drink and fun for all!

The Alamodome

THE ALAMODOME opened MAY 15, 1993- and is unlike any other stadium in the world due to its design and versatility. The facility has a cable-suspended roof, a retractable seating system, a flexible floor grid system, formal entries and large food court areas.It's currently the home of The San Antonio Spurs basketball team, however a NEW arena is now being built for the Spurs~ The Dome has hosted many other sports games as The Final Four and "The Alamobowl" football game New Years Day~ All of South Texas can be proud.


A NIGHT IN OLD SAN ANTONIO - if you prefer, call it NIOSA - either way, it is the largest historic preservation festival in the country. Each Tuesday through Friday evening during Fiesta San Antonio, La Villita is divided into fifteen different areas for the presentation of ethnic food and music. BTW~ You better love crowds~ This celebration is unreal~

Missions Of San Antonio

Besides The Alamo there are other missions in San Antonio that hold great historical significance.All are easily found and fully accessable. Not only were they used for places of worship but refuge as well.

Mission Concepcion

Mission San Juan

Mission San Jose

Mission Espada

After we "rest up" let's head for some "cool caverns".

Located on I-35 N. only a few miles are some breathtaking caves~ I am not a speelunker but my wife and son have been and enjoyed it very much~

Natural Bridge Caverns

Tour Length: 1 mile Deepest Point: 230 feet below surface (Fault Room) Physical Difficulty: Moderate to hard. Special Reservations are required for the Adventure Tour and guests should be physically fit. That leaves me out-lol.

Natural Bridge
Wildlife Ranch

Have you ever dreamed of going on Safari in: the African Savannah, the jungles of Madagascar, the outback of Australia, the North American Plains, the Rocky Mountains, and other habitats around the world? At Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, you can see animals from six of the seven continents, all in the beautiful South Texas Hill Country.

The Wildlife Ranch is close by the caverns. You can also drive your car or truck through the area. There is a petting zoo for the kids too. This place is a shutterbugs dream~

Just a few minutes to the West Is Lost Maples National Park. This area is of Texas is gorgeous!

Lost Maples
National Park

Lost Maples State Natural Area The only maple forest in Texas has 10 miles of excellent hiking and nature trails. Exceptional fall foliage usually begins in early November.

Beautiful sights such as this one of the Frio river are plentiful in the Texas Hill Country. Great fishing and nice camping spots are easily found.

Let's jump in the Chevy,drive a couple of hundred miles South and do some fishing, boating or just plain 'ol catching a few rays~ We still have a few days left~ Joe we better check the oil.