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26th President of the United States (1901-09)

Roosevelt was born in New York City and lived at this site from his birth on October 27, 1858 until he was 14 years old. The reconstructed house contains five period rooms, two museum galleries and a bookstore.

Roosevelt pictured here at age 5 had several nicknames as: "TR"; "Trust-Buster"; "Teddy".

At Harvard, Roosevelt,seated left majored in science, yet received the bulk of his education in history and literature. He was admitted to the prestigious Porcellian Club, the O.K. Club, The Big Six Club, and was a staff member of The Harvard Advocate. His athletic pursuits included rowing, boxing, horseback riding, and camping. TR was an attentive and somewhat enthusiastic student who participated energetically during lectures. In one instance, a professor of his is quoted as saying: "See here, Roosevelt; I am the one teaching this course!"

Roosevelt's First Wife
Alice Hathaway Lee

The First Couple